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23 May 17:00 - 20:00Tritech Sundbyberg

(Welcome! Talks will be held in English)

About JetBrains and the evening program


At JetBrains, we make intelligent development tools that simplify your challenging tasks, automate the easy ones, and help you adopt the best development practices.

We offer top-notch IDEs for Java (IntelliJ IDEA), a variety of tools for C++ (e.g. CLion and ReSharper C++), a pack of tools for .NET (e.g. ReSharper), and many others. Our team tools for Continuous Integration (TeamCity), issue tracking and Agile project management (YouTrack), and code review and repository browsing (Upsource) embody key Agile practices to make your team more productive.

In this talk Anastasia will introduce you to the JetBrains product portfolio, show a couple of live demos, share useful tips & tricks, and cover the whole development workflow as it’s supported in our tools.


About Anastasia Kazakova

As a C and C++ software developer, Anastasia Kazakova created real-time *nix-based systems and pushed them to production for 8 years. She has a passion for networking algorithms and embedded programming and believes in  good tooling. With all her love for C++, she is now the Product Marketing Manager on the JetBrains CLion team.


Don't miss this evening!!

Välkommen till...

Tritech som hostar' detta event. Vid 17:00 står vi bakom baren när folk droppar in och det bjuds på mingelmat fram till 17:45 då Anastasia håller föredrag ca 1h.  18:45 kör vi frågor och en möjlighet att testa olika verktyg fram till 19:45 då det blir mingel vid baren. Missa inte denna kväll!

Welcome to...

Tritech, who's hosting this event. At five PM we'll be at the bar greeting guests dropping in and serving some mingle foods until 5.45 when Anastasia starts her talk (about 1h). By 6.45 we'll open up for questions and a possibility to try out different tools until 7.45 when it's mingle time at the bar. Don't miss it!

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Tritech Technology AB

Tritech Technology AB @3T_Technology

We turn technology into business.

Tritech ligger i teknikens framkant inom uppkopplade, inbyggda och intelligenta system. Vi har jobbat med IoT långt innan det kallades Internet of Things och består idag av cirka 130 anställda i form av ingenjörer, affärsutvecklare och teknikledare. Efter 25 år i branschen och över 600 produkter på marknaden kan vi stolt titulera oss specialister inom inbyggda system.

We turn technology into business.

Tritech is at the forefront of technology in connected, built-in and intelligent systems. We've been doing IoT since before it was cool and today the company consists of about 130 employees. We're engineers, business developers and technology leaders in embedded tech. After 25 years in this industry and with over 600 products on the market, we are experts in embedded technology. 

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